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Re: problematic poweroff on shutdown

On 2012-01-03, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> Just two months ago I had this exact same problem with a brand new
> Intel motherboard.  Searching the motherboard site for BIOS upgrades I
> found that there was one available and in my case the changelog for it
> listed reboot problems as one of the fixes.  I upgraded the BIOS and
> my problem was resolved.

Reboot problems? I don't have any of those; sometimes when shutting down
the machine it will not power off.

I'm talking uniquely and exclusively about the electrical acpi event
that occurs after the shutdown procedure has successfully terminated.

Maybe in my ignorance my terminology is faulty.

> I don't know if this will be your problem too but the BIOS firmware is
> where I would start looking for the problem.

I'll look into that.  Thank you.

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