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Re: Re (3): ~/.profile

peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> The systems can be named A and B.  Both have xdm and LXDE.

It is not important if they have it.  It is only important if you use
it.  If you log in using xdm then it will not source your .profile.
This is arguably a bug and has been reported as such previously.

> I am working in LXTerminal on A and telneting to B through an
> OpenVPN tunnel.  EDITOR is not set on A but is vi on B.

That makes perfect sense.  Logging in with telnetd on the target
always starts a login shell and the .profile is sourced.  Right?

Logging in with xdm does not source the .profile and so it is not
set.  Right?

I have worked around this problem in the past by putting environment
variable settings such as EDITOR (but never PATH) in ~/.bashrc instead.

> > If this were in your ~/.bash_profile then the newer form is
> > definitely safe ...
> These systems have .bashrc and .profile.  Neither has .bash_profile and I 
> don't recall deleting it.

I did not suggest that you deleted it.  You mentioned ~/.bash_profile
in a previous message.  I was simply explaining why the syntax is okay
in one file but not the other one.  I think you should stick with
using the ~/.profile only but be aware that you shouldn't use anything
but portable shell syntax there.

> > It is a long story ...
> I have to be skeptical about the necessity or benefit of this complexity.
> OK; rather than spend more time on it, I'll tolerate nano for the incrontab 
> editor.

Put the 'export EDITOR=vi' in your ~/.bashrc on that machine and it
will be set there.


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