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Re (2): ~/.profile

From:	Richard Hector <richard@walnut.gen.nz>
Date:	Mon, 02 Jan 2012 11:38:54 +1300
> The shell you run interactively (specified per-user in /etc/passwd) is
> usually bash, because it's more friendly for interactive use. Dash is
> smaller and lighter, and chosen presumably for that reason to run most
> of the system scripts, which use /bin/sh explicitly.

Thanks for explaining.

Another puzzle.  I have two Squeeze systems which are almost identical. 
In both, my entry in /etc/passwd is the same and I added this line at 
the end of ~/.profile.

export EDITOR=vi

On one system "echo $EDITOR" confirms the setting.  On the other system 
the setting is absent.  Where should I look to understand this?

Thanks,                  ... Peter

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