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Re: Laptop Not Resuming From Hibernation

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 5:08 AM, Selim T. Erdogan
<selim@alumni.cs.utexas.edu> wrote:
> Colin Lancaster, 28.11.2011:
>> Hello,
>> I recently installed Debian 6.0.3 (squeeze) on my Acer Aspire 5735 laptop and
>> I'm having problems resuming after hibernation.
>> Hibernation seems to succeed; the computer takes some time and shuts
>> off. Then, when I press the power to resume, the power turns on and
>> the hard drive light is active - but then it stops and turns off.
> Do you see anything on your screen?
> >From my experience using hibernation in the past, the way resuming works
> is, you turn the computer on and it starts up like normal, goes to the
> grub screen, you choose the appropriate kernel (usually automatically),
> then the boot messages start and after a little bit it will notice
> there's a resume image and continue from that.  Are you seeing anything
> like this at all?  If not, it seems pretty strange.
> (And just to be clear: you're hibernating, not sleeping, right?  In the
> latter, there's usually a blinking power light on.  When you wake the
> machine up, it should go back up very quickly.  Though when it's not
> working right, it might just reboot instead, or possibly even turn off
> after not being able to wake up properly.  Similar to what you're seeing.)
>> If I remove my laptop from AC (and remove the battery), and then go
>> back on AC, it will start up (but not in the same state prior to
>> hibernation).
> I've had problems where it just boots up normally after hibernation, not
> recognizing the resume image, booting up to a clean state.  But your
> problem seems different, so far.
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This issue appears to have resolved itself without my intervention.

I believe - although I haven't verified this yet - that an update to
the pm-utils package was the solution.

Thanks to everyone who provided help.

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