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Re: [OT] where should I look for google sync information ?

On 2011-12-07, Chris Brennan <xaero@xaerolimit.net> wrote:
> If you log into your GMail acct, go to your contacts and look for a group
> called "Starred on Android", this is the group that gets sync'd to your
> device and back to GMail. All of your contacts on your phone will get put
> into this group, GMail will also attempt to guess what contacts you use
> the most and star them for you as well. I have to go back into that group
> and un-star quite a few contacts because GMail has needlessly starred
> them for no good/logical reason.

Thank you.  It's nice to hear from someone who knows what they're
talking about from time to time.  I hope the OP is listening, although
why and how he couldn't have figured the above out for himself will
remain one of those impenetrable mysteries that will defy human
intelligence for centuries to come.


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