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Re: Laptop Not Resuming From Hibernation

Colin Lancaster, 28.11.2011:
> Hello,
> I recently installed Debian 6.0.3 (squeeze) on my Acer Aspire 5735 laptop and
> I'm having problems resuming after hibernation.
> Hibernation seems to succeed; the computer takes some time and shuts
> off. Then, when I press the power to resume, the power turns on and
> the hard drive light is active - but then it stops and turns off.

Do you see anything on your screen?  

>From my experience using hibernation in the past, the way resuming works 
is, you turn the computer on and it starts up like normal, goes to the 
grub screen, you choose the appropriate kernel (usually automatically), 
then the boot messages start and after a little bit it will notice 
there's a resume image and continue from that.  Are you seeing anything 
like this at all?  If not, it seems pretty strange.

(And just to be clear: you're hibernating, not sleeping, right?  In the 
latter, there's usually a blinking power light on.  When you wake the 
machine up, it should go back up very quickly.  Though when it's not 
working right, it might just reboot instead, or possibly even turn off 
after not being able to wake up properly.  Similar to what you're seeing.) 

> If I remove my laptop from AC (and remove the battery), and then go
> back on AC, it will start up (but not in the same state prior to
> hibernation).

I've had problems where it just boots up normally after hibernation, not 
recognizing the resume image, booting up to a clean state.  But your 
problem seems different, so far.

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