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Re: munin showing stange info

Bonno Bloksma wrote:
> Darac Marjal
> >The ip_ plugin suggests ip addresses based on rules in your iptables.
> >You can run:
> >
> >$ sudo munin-run --servicedir=/usr/share/munin/plugins ip_ suggest
> >
> >to see what IPs it's suggesting. If they look odd, perhaps check your
> >firewall.
> Ok, it is indeed suggesting I track that ip number, but I do not
> want to track any ip-number. SO I probably just need to remove that
> link.

Yes.  Removing that symlink would be fine.

> >To see what plugins may be suitable for your system, run:
> >$ sudo munin-node-configure --suggest
> >For more details, you might want to start reading here:
> >http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/munin-node-configure
> I have read that page and a lot is clear now but.... is there a way
> to simply have munin-node run the scrip that set up the pugins for
> the first time based on what is there now? I have been unable to
> find how to do that. When I run munin-node-configure I just get a
> screen full of options with yes/no, I cannot change anything. The
> same with the suggest option.

The munin-node package runs a postinst script when it is installed.
That postinst script runs 'munin-node-configure --shell' and saves the
output to a temporary file.  The --shell option causes it to produce
shell commands instead of table output.  Then it feeds that file of
shell commends to a shell.  You can do the same if you like.

  munin-node-configure --shell --remove-also > munin-plugins.sh

Then review the file munin-plugins.sh for what it wants to do.  Edit
as you like.  Then run it.

  sh ./munin-plugins.sh

Note that munin-node-configure will suggest *changes* to your existing
/etc/munin/plugins directory.  If it likes what is there then that
script file that it creates will be empty.  If you were to remove all
of the old symlinks then it would suggest all new ones.  If you
manually add new symlinks there that outside what it wants then it
will create 'rm' suggestions.

> The wiki page suggests I create/remove a lot of symlinks by hand,
> which I could do if most of the default values are wrong, but they
> are not.

If most of them are okay and you just want to add or remove one or
another then I don't understand why you wouldn't just add or remove
one or another?

> I would very much like to know how to symply have all/most symlinks
> created by default and then edit the result where needed.

Perhaps the easiest solution for you would be to purge the package
first and then install it again.  Having purged it all of the old
configuration will be gone.  Installing it again will run the
munin-node postinst script, which runs the munin-node-configure

  # dpkg --purge munin-node
  # apt-get install munin-node


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