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Re: munin showing stange info

From: "Darac Marjal" <mailinglist@darac.org.uk>

Hello Darac,

The ip_ plugin suggests ip addresses based on rules in your iptables.
You can run:

$ sudo munin-run --servicedir=/usr/share/munin/plugins ip_ suggest

to see what IPs it's suggesting. If they look odd, perhaps check your

Ok, it is indeed suggesting I track that ip number, but I do not want to track any ip-number. SO I probably just need to remove that link.

And why am I seeing only stats for eth1 and eth3? What happened to eth0, eth2 and eth5?

The if_ and if_err_ plugins look in /proc/net/dev for interfaces to
monitor. Perhaps those devices weren't there when you ran suggest?

Well here is the kicker, *I* never ran munin-node-configure suggest, I assume that was what the default munin-node script did when it was started for the first time.


To see what plugins may be suitable for your system, run:

$ sudo munin-node-configure --suggest

For more details, you might want to start reading here:

I have read that page and a lot is clear now but.... is there a way to simply have munin-node run the scrip that set up the pugins for the first time based on what is there now? I have been unable to find how to do that. When I run munin-node-configure I just get a screen full of options with yes/no, I cannot change anything. The same with the suggest option. The wiki page suggests I create/remove a lot of symlinks by hand, which I could do if most of the default values are wrong, but they are not. I would very much like to know how to symply have all/most symlinks created by default and then edit the result where needed.

Bonno Bloksma

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