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Re: munin showing stange info

Hi Bob,

>The ip_ plugin suggests ip addresses based on rules in your iptables.
>You can run:
>$ sudo munin-run --servicedir=/usr/share/munin/plugins ip_ suggest
>to see what IPs it's suggesting. If they look odd, perhaps check your

Ok, it is indeed suggesting I track that ip number, but I do not
want to track any ip-number. SO I probably just need to remove that

Yes.  Removing that symlink would be fine.

Ok, did that.

The munin-node package runs a postinst script when it is installed.
That postinst script runs 'munin-node-configure --shell' and saves the
output to a temporary file.  The --shell option causes it to produce
shell commands instead of table output.  Then it feeds that file of
shell commends to a shell.  You can do the same if you like.

 munin-node-configure --shell --remove-also > munin-plugins.sh

Then review the file munin-plugins.sh for what it wants to do.  Edit
as you like.  Then run it.

 sh ./munin-plugins.sh

Thanks, that is what I was looking for. Now that you explain it, it's easy. ;-)

Bonno Bloksma

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