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Re: iceweasel fills in my textareas

Alan Chandler wrote:
> I am not sure if this is the same or not.  I have always had a
> little dropdown box like thing appear when I start typing into a
> textbox with a selection of offerings based on the first few
> characters I have typed. It only fills the fields in if I pick it.
> I like that capability.

Okay.  That is what I have too.  And that is all I have now.  Using
the latest iceweasel (aka firefox) 8.0-3+b1 from Sid.

> This is different.  I arrive at what should be a blank form, and the
> textareas (NOT the simple text boxes) are ALREADY pre-filled in with
> the info from the last time I visited that form. This didn't happen
> before.

I would remove any add-ons that you may have installed.  Or at least
disable them.  Hopefully it will simply be a plugin behavior that can
be easily removed.  Or you might try a clean firefox profile.


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