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Re: iceweasel fills in my textareas

Alan Chandler wrote:
> In a recent upgrade (last day or two) iceweasel suddenly started
> filling in empty text areas with text from a previous visit to the
> web site.
> ...
> Does anyone know a way of turning this behaviour off.

Are you talking about form fields?  If so then go to the menu
selection [Edit], [Privacy], then under the History section set
"Iceweasel will:" then select one of

  Remember history
  Never remember history
  Use custome settings for history (dropdown)

You probably are asking for Never remember history.  You might want
the custom settings with search and form history cleared while
remembering other data.

Read up on it here:


> This appears to be to be potentially disasterous when I am filling
> in a new form - with the possibility of accidentally submitting what
> I did last time.

I haven't had a problem with this feature yet and I am usually
suspicious of such things.  :-)  Perhaps we are talking about a
different feature.  In any case while it does autocomplete entries it
doesn't automatically submit.  You get to review the data before
submitting it and can change anything.

Also, a little known feature (at least it seems little known to
people I have mentioned it to) is that you can delete individual
entries by hovering over it with the mouse and then pressing
"Delete".  That removes it from the history.  That way an annoying
field that you entered once doesn't continue to be in your selection

I do think this feature is bad when web sites use it for the form
field for credit card data.  That causes your cc number to be stored
in the form history.  That's bad.  Sites should set autocomplete="off"
on sensitive form fields.  Most do.  But some do not.  I have a script
that scans my browser history periodically from cron and looks for my
CC numbers and if they appear it alerts me and I can clear them
manually.  About every four or five months it alerts me and I go clean
up from some site that is being bad.  I then email them and complain.


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