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gnome-commander? [was Re: a short cut on desktop on gnome3]

On 12/02/2011 12:26 PM, Alan Chandler wrote:

I find Icons on the desktop pretty useless - they are always hidden by
windows - except when you aren't running anything.

I agree.

I just spent a week exploring in depth how to manage my workload in both
KDE 4.7 following frustration with Gnome 3 (Not because of the new
shell, which after a couple of weeks I got use to - but because of the
flakeness of Nautilus FTP

I don't know because I haven't tried, but midnight commander (mc) has ftp and sftp built in and I have used those in the past. Perhaps gnome-commander has the same functionality and maybe it even works?

I populate the "Activity Bar" with those applications I use all the time
(Web Browser, Mail, Terminal Window, Text Editor, Virtual Box, MythTV,
LibreOffice writer and Freemind) and now its just a flick of the mouse
to the top left corner (or hitting the "logo" key on my keyboard to
shrink in the windows to the desktop and get at the Icons I wish to use.

I agree here too. I switched from stable to unstable because I like gnome 3.

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