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Re: Detach Icedove from xterm itself called from terminal.

On 02.12.2011 17:09, Iuri Guilherme dos Santos Martins wrote:
Em 01-12-2011 17:28, Mart Frauenlob escreveu:

why use a shubshell for icedove, we expect to use the output for
better use single quotes to protect the `&' to be parsed by the shell
and to prevent from word splitting, so we keep it as one 'word' option
for xterm.

echo exit > xterm -e 'icedove &' &

(untested - no X here)

I know what you mean, but that seems either to send the exit command
before the icedove or maybe it send the exit command to icedove itself,
because nothing does appear on the task manager (and I'm lacking a debug
feature to see what is happening). Double quotes aren't working neither.

ok, after reading the online help for xterm:

as it calls a shell normally, why not let the shell just execute one command with the '-c' option?

xterm -e sh -c 'icedove &'

how does that behave?
xterm should close after the shell closes, right?

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