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Re: a short cut on desktop on gnome3

On 02/12/11 20:45, Erwan David wrote:
On 02/12/11 21:26, Alan Chandler wrote:

I populate the "Activity Bar" with those applications I use all the time
(Web Browser, Mail, Terminal Window, Text Editor, Virtual Box, MythTV,
LibreOffice writer and Freemind) and now its just a flick of the mouse
to the top left corner (or hitting the "logo" key on my keyboard to
shrink in the windows to the desktop and get at the Icons I wish to use.

For me a compoisite way mouse + keyboard is unnacceptable because of the
time it takes.

Moreover the logo key is *bnot* available on my keyboard : I need it as
a compose key.

Sending this back to the list because this wasn't meant to be a private exchange

I think you misunderstand - you don't need mouse AND keyboard, its mouse OR keyboard

Although I haven't had time to try it yet, it looks to me relatively easy for people to develop plugins to change gnome-shells behaviour. With javascript and html as the underlying technologies, it sounds as though the situation is set up to allow people to develop extensions to change behaviours etc - indeed there already are a few simple ones around (although sadly not yet packaged for debian)

Alan Chandler

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