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Re: a short cut on desktop on gnome3

On 02/12/11 19:18, doug wrote:
On 12/02/2011 01:28 PM, Brian Flaherty wrote:
On 12/02/2011 03:03 AM, abdelkader belahcene wrote:
I am trying to be familiar with gnome 3,
So I installing from debian testing the gnome 3,
It seems good, but sometimes I am lost, for example, I want to put a
file on the Desktop, like drag it from the usb to the screen!! as usual,
it didn't work !!!

another case I used to add button on the bar just by clicking on the
topbar menu to add it, the right click is not working ??!!

How to enable it?? is it possible??
thanks for help*

My understanding is that by default, GNOME 3 desktop does not
correspond to a directory as in previous GNOME and Mac (for example).
But there's an option in gnome-tweak-tool to tell the file manager
(nautilus, I assume) to manage the desktop. I haven't tried it, but it
sounds like it should do what you want.

If you can't put icons on your desktop, what good is the desktop? You
might as well have DOS!


I find Icons on the desktop pretty useless - they are always hidden by windows - except when you aren't running anything.

I just spent a week exploring in depth how to manage my workload in both KDE 4.7 following frustration with Gnome 3 (Not because of the new shell, which after a couple of weeks I got use to - but because of the flakeness of Nautilus FTP (it was failing with "permission errors" where the Firefox FTP plugin was performing flawlessly when overwriting files with a new version) and with Gedit (which has taken to crashing when you have multiple tabs open and you close one of them).

In particular, I spent some exploring the KDE "Activities" concept along with the ability to put different desktop widgets on different activity desktops.

In the end, I spent more time in KDE getting the work done than I can with Gnome and have now gone back to the Gnome-Shell.

I populate the "Activity Bar" with those applications I use all the time (Web Browser, Mail, Terminal Window, Text Editor, Virtual Box, MythTV, LibreOffice writer and Freemind) and now its just a flick of the mouse to the top left corner (or hitting the "logo" key on my keyboard to shrink in the windows to the desktop and get at the Icons I wish to use.

Alan Chandler

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