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Re: Detach Icedove from xterm itself called from terminal.

On 30.11.2011 17:25, Iuri Guilherme dos Santos Martins wrote:
Well, the example i gave you opens another terminal (xterm) and opens
icedove without closing the first terminal nor the second (assuming that
you was using xterm in the first place).

If you want the terminal to be closed, you may use:

echo exit > xterm -e `icedove &` & (if you want the xterm you use to
open icedove closes)

why use a shubshell for icedove, we expect to use the output for something?
better use single quotes to protect the `&' to be parsed by the shell and to prevent from word splitting, so we keep it as one 'word' option for xterm.

echo exit > xterm -e 'icedove &' &

(untested - no X here)

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