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Re: Gnome3 and external screen

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 07:42:38 +0200, Johann Spies wrote:

You may be referring to the gnome-shell, not gnome3 :-P

> When I configure my display areas and select the external screen to be
> above my internal one, I am unable to move windows to the external
> screen.
> When the setup is left/right/below this is not a problem.
> Does anyone know how to convince Gnome3 to make the first choice setup
> workable?

Hum... it works here. Kind of.

I have attached an external display to my netbook and then setup a top/
bottom layout for the screens by dragging the external monitor at the 
bottom, and well, I have the desired layout.

I have an intel card/intel driver and both screen resolutions are 
detected okay (1024x600 for the netbook's that is 10.1" and 1280x1024 for 
the external one that is a 17" display).

But overall, the shell has turned slow, it costs me much to move the 
windows and clicking on any of the elements of the desktop is sluggish.



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