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Re: Dead keys in Gnome3/Shell?

On Fri, 11 Nov 2011 15:42:56 +0000 (UTC), Camaleón wrote:
On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 19:06:13 +0100, Olav Lavell wrote:

I decided not to resist futilely and to go along with the recent Gnome
upgrade in Wheezy. So now I can't type anymore :(

Longer version: I depend on the "International (with dead keys)"
keyboard layout, as configured in System Settings, Region and Languages. I chose the first of three layouts with the same name. However, my dead
keys do not work like they did in Gnome 2.x. Has anyone else noticed
this and come up with a solution?

It works fine here with a full Spanish environment: locale, keyboard,

I'm using a Spanish keyboard and swicthing to the "International (with dead keys)" layout works as expected, I mean, when I press the "accented" key of my Spanish keyboard ("´") and then press the letter ("e") I get
"é", as usual. The rest of the keys act like a US keyboard.

This is exactly how I would expect things to work. So you understand my problem when it doesn't... ;-)

For those who are unaware: dead keys mean that one can simply type '
followed by e to obtain é. Many other combinations exists. It is *not*
the same as the Compose key used in some other configurations.

Sadly, in my case typing ' simply produces ' (single quote). In other
words, it does not wait for the second keystroke.

Does it work for a new user account?

Thank you for that tip. I just tried. Yes, with a test user it does work as expected. Strange.

I am usually using a Dutch localised environment, but it happens when I
switch to English as well.

Also, is there an alternative for the ugly but trusty keyboard switcher
panel applet we used to have in old Gnome?

As soon as you add a second keyboard layout, the keyboard switcher should
be present at the top bar as it happened with the old applet.

This works with my test user, not with my regular account. The keyboard switcher does not appear at all. No change I make in the Layout tab of Region and Languages seems to have any effect at all, not even "Reset to defaults". Now, I would rather not delete my current account and all its associated settings. Is there perhaps a specific file that I can edit or delete to *really* reset things to normal? Something in gconf/dconf?

Thank you again.

Olav Lavell <olav@freeict.nl>

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