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Re: Dead keys in Gnome3/Shell?

On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 19:06:13 +0100, Olav Lavell wrote:

> I decided not to resist futilely and to go along with the recent Gnome
> upgrade in Wheezy. So now I can't type anymore :(
> Longer version: I depend on the "International (with dead keys)"
> keyboard layout, as configured in System Settings, Region and Languages.
> I chose the first of three layouts with the same name. However, my dead
> keys do not work like they did in Gnome 2.x. Has anyone else noticed
> this and come up with a solution?

It works fine here with a full Spanish environment: locale, keyboard, 

I'm using a Spanish keyboard and swicthing to the "International (with 
dead keys)" layout works as expected, I mean, when I press the "accented" 
key of my Spanish keyboard ("´") and then press the letter ("e") I get 
"é", as usual. The rest of the keys act like a US keyboard.

> For those who are unaware: dead keys mean that one can simply type '
> followed by e to obtain é. Many other combinations exists. It is *not*
> the same as the Compose key used in some other configurations.
> Sadly, in my case typing ' simply produces ' (single quote). In other
> words, it does not wait for the second keystroke.

Does it work for a new user account?

> I am usually using a Dutch localised environment, but it happens when I
> switch to English as well.
> Also, is there an alternative for the ugly but trusty keyboard switcher
> panel applet we used to have in old Gnome?

As soon as you add a second keyboard layout, the keyboard switcher should 
be present at the top bar as it happened with the old applet.



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