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Re: HTTP proxy over ssh recommendation?

Philipp Tölke wrote:
> Did you look at the -D option for ssh?

Yes.  I use it regularly.  The -D option sets up a socks server.  But
that is a socks proxy not an http proxy.  It is awesome for socks
forwarding though.  I use it with the dante socksify program.  Works

For example I have a network outside my control but with Debian
machines that I maintain.  The network administrator blocks all
outbound access.  It is a rather Draconian network.  I wasn't able to
gain normal access.  But I do have inbound ssh access and am
authorized for the activity but just not technically enabled.

In order to update the Debian machines there I use the -D socks
forwarding option to create a socks proxy that can be used by those
machines on the restricted private network to reach Debian archives on
the outside network via socksified anonymous ftp.  That is how I
update those machines.  That is in daily use to obtain security
upgrades.  Works great!

But I don't know how to make it operate as an http proxy.  Perhaps
there is a way but unknown to me.  I don't want to run my local
firefox under socksify.  I am sure that would work but then I couldn't
easily switch it on and off as needed.  Therefore having an actual
external http proxy works better as far as I can tell.

The tinyproxy suggestion seems like the best solution for me so far.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway!


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