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HTTP proxy over ssh recommendation?

I often have a situation that I would like to improve.  I need to
access web servers that exist on a private subnet.  I can log in using
ssh.  I can of course use lynx, w3m and similar for text mode
browsing.  But sometimes those text mode browsers are not suitable to
the needed tasks.  I don't wish to forward X directly nor with vnc
either since either of those would be very slow.

I used to use the FilterProxy (http://filterproxy.sourceforge.net/)
for this purpose.  I would run it on the remote machine, forward the
ports between the remote and local systems, and set my browser's proxy
server to it.  Using Firefox plugins such as MM3 ProxySwitch it was
very easy to switch between http views of the world.  But the
FilterProxy project is in much need of love and attention in order to
be useful on a modern perl system.  I would like to avoid the work
needed to make it run on a current system.

I am sure this must be a common need and already solved many times
over.  Can someone recommend a simple HTTP proxy program that I could
run on the remote ssh logged into system that I could then use to
provide my local browser access to the web on the remote private


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