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Re: debian/testing - new Gnome (after today's upgrade) - very slow user switching when different settings are used

Wojtek Zabolotny wrote:

After today's upgrade of my Debian/testing system I was completely amused with the new Gnome environment.
The first impression was not so good, but maybe I have to train a little.
Anyway I have noticed one serious problem: If I have two users logged into different sessions - 1st in "Gnome" mode and 2nd in "tryb zastępczy Gnome" (sorry, I don't know, how is it called in English version), then switching between those users may take quite a long time. Even worse - sometimes it seems that session has switched completely, but Gnome is not responsible for quite a long time (30 seconds or so?). So an impatient user may think, that system has hung and may reset it.
Once after switching I got only the wallpaper for ca 1 minute...
The machine is rather fast (Dell Vostro 3750 with i7 quad core) so it should not be a problem of slaw CPU...

BTW. Is it possible to emulate older version of Gnome while keeping my system up to date? Even in the "tryb zastępczy Gnome" mode the emulation is not full, and icons have disappeared from both - pannels and desktop...

You mean 2 different users logged into different sessions through gdm3?


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