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Re: debian/testing - new Gnome (after today's upgrade) - very slow user switching when different settings are used

W dniu 08.11.2011 15:12, Wojtek Zabolotny pisze:

After today's upgrade of my Debian/testing system I was completely amused with the new Gnome environment.
The first impression was not so good, but maybe I have to train a little.
Anyway I have noticed one serious problem: If I have two users logged into different sessions - 1st in "Gnome" mode and 2nd in "tryb zastępczy Gnome" (sorry, I don't know, how is it called in English version), then switching between those users may take quite a long time. Even worse - sometimes it seems that session has switched completely, but Gnome is not responsible for quite a long time (30 seconds or so?). So an impatient user may think, that system has hung and may reset it.
Once after switching I got only the wallpaper for ca 1 minute...
The machine is rather fast (Dell Vostro 3750 with i7 quad core) so it should not be a problem of slow CPU...

When I switched to the text console with list of programs (Ulubione in Polish - Favorite in English?) was displayed, and then tried to return to the graphics console, the system remained unresponsible for a few minutes. I had to switch back to the text console, log in as root and run "/etc/init.d/gdm3 restart"...

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