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Re: [OT] Why not gnome3 (with gnome-shell)?

* On 2011 05 Nov 11:56 -0500, Selim T. Erdogan wrote:
> You probably don't mean this when you say "slow...locked up",

I meant exactly that because that's exactly the experience I had with
GNOME3 shell.  I never got to the point of typing *anything* since I
couldn't get it to open an application.  After 15 years I've seen just
about everything in the Linux desktop environment.

> FYI, if you press Alt along with clicking on the panel, you get a menu 
> to make changes,

Now *that's* intuitive.  Rolls eyes at the GNOME "designers".

If the GNOMEies wanted a phone interface, fine.  There is no sane reason
it must be forced on _everyone_ who wants to use GNOME3 (fallback as it
currently exists is not an option either).  Much to their chagrin, there
are alternatives.  Perhaps sanity will reign and someone will port
GNOME2 panel to GTK3 and keep the Linux desktop viable.  If not, such
viability will rest on the shoulders of the XFCE and LXDE developers.

- Nate >>


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