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Re: [OT] Why not gnome3 (with gnome-shell)?

On Sat, 05 Nov 2011 10:06:31 +0100, Javier Barroso wrote:

(good "Subject" election :-P)

> Currently I'm using (as second main desktop, first is awesome ;) )
> gnome3. I can read a lot of criticism about it
> What don't you like ing GNOME 3 - GNOME - Shell?
> I only see two things, but people sure see many more (many people tell
> about don't like the change):
> - It seems like it is not very configurable via GUI without installing
> any other tool which help with
> - Shutdown option is not appearing in menu (only when you type ALT
> (gnome developers should think we are not seers (where more in gnome ALT
> (without any combo) is used?) you can see that hide option, if not you
> will see only suspend option)

I can summarize my dissapointment basically in one point: it is less 
configurable than GNOME2. Maybe someone can think that having less 
options is a plus, but for me it is not, of course.

I have a very simple but highly tweaked desktop (I'm specially "picky" 
with fonts and sizes of the icons, text and panels) so when someone tells 
me that I have (yes or yes!) to have a top bar (which I never used 
before) I say: "Okay, that's enough for me".

I'm open to new desktop paradigms and don't care much if the desktop 
looks like an iPad as long as I can make my own adjustments and things 
that have been always working (like multi-monitor with xinerama setups) 
are still working here.

> So, why people is hungry with it ?


I think you wanted to say "angry", like the famous birds ;-)

And yes, I feel more than angry when someone (or something) do not allow 
me to follow my own way and make my own customizations or having my 
desktop in the way I prefer. 

But I'm also lazy and GNOME2 has been serving me very well in these 
years, so I will give GNOME3+gnome-shell a chance before taking any 
radical step (like switching to another DE or WM).



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