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Re: How to slow down the fan?

On Fri, 04 Nov 2011 16:03:43 +0800, shiyao ma wrote:

> The output of acpi -V is :


> Thermal 0: ok, 26.8 degrees C

That's seems too low for a laptop, I don't think it can be trustworthy :-)

> My problem is the fan keeps running, and it is so noising, I want to
> slow it down.

I see two problems here:

1/ First thing to do is getting the real temperature values. If the 
computer is really hot, the fan should be on to avoid damages. If you 
reduce the revolutions of the fan because is too noisy, you can break 
your notebook.

2/ If temperature is okay (and computer is not hot), then the fan should 
not be activated. Then, why is on? I dunno, maybe a bad ACPI or a buggy 
BIOS that provides wrong/fake values to the system or it can be also 
because the replaced fan is not fully compatible with your notebook's 
motherboard (I hope you have purchased an original spare part).

What's you notebook brand and model? 

I ask this because every manufacturer provides a different set of tools 
aimed to control fan speed but be aware that manually tweaking the fan 
speed can have severe consequencies for you computer.



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