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Re: Network Manager in Debian and modem with non-standard init strings

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011 10:25:34 +0100, Wojtek Zabolotny wrote:

>>  You mean that Empathy cannot recognize there is a network connection
>>  in place when you use wvdial? :-?
>>  That sounds to me like a very big limitation or even a bug... let me
>>  do a quick search.
> Yes, I think so too, however similar behaviour presents also the
> evolution - when started only with a connection established via pon, it
> starts in the off-line mode, promissing to go on-line as soon as network
> connection is set up.

But you can manually put it in on-line mode again, right? :-?

>>  Ah... look:
>>  Empathy for WVDIAL users
>>  http://reliancewireless.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/empathy-for-wvdial-users/
>>  Maybe that workaround also works for you :-)
> Well, unfortunately I have no use_conn checkbox in gconf-editor for
> empathy. All I have is:
> import_asked - checkbox
> accounts - submenu
> contacts - submenu
> conversation - submenu
> ui - sumbenu
> In no one of the listed submenu exists use_conn :-(.

That's weird because that's a setting documented by GNOME:

How to connect when not using NetworkManager?

Check your version of Empathy and try with the suggested command.



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