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Re: Can I insall from xp partition?

On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 18:59:01 -0700, rose perry wrote:

> Hello I'm trying to install debian but the debian installer from goodbye
> microsoft does not work, Because my network card requires Firmware. 

The installer allows you to put the firmware file into a floppy disk or 
USB flash drive and get it from there.

> Nothing seems to work for me.  So Im going to try and dl a cd or 2 to
> get it working, And install from XP if this is possible please let me
> know.  

I would go for the usual way to install any linux distribution which is 
downloading the ISO image (the first CD or DVD), then burn that file into 
an optical media (as a Boot image, nots as usual data) and then boot the 
computer from there.

> Maybe freeware version of VMware? But I think I remember this was
> possible without vmware?  As long as you had the data on xp. I have no
> cd's or dvd's or usb keys.  Im in the hospital with a broken leg and got
> another month or 2 here. I got other complications too.  So Im looking
> for a way to install debian the old fashion way.  But I can't remember
> how.  Any Advice or any thing would be greatly appreciated.


Wow... could be possible that someone in the know can perform the 
installation for you? I say this because I'm afraid you are in a 
delicated situation/scneario for performing an OS install :-?



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