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Re: [HS] Re: new to pacemaker and heartbeat on debian...getting error..

thanks for all your help -
At this point i have joined the drbd-mc discussion and will try to get
my answers there.
thanks again much - if you know anyone skilled in it that can give me
a walk-through - i would gladly pay for their time.
thanks much again - great utility.

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 7:21 PM, Gilles Mocellin
<gilles.mocellin@free.fr> wrote:
> Le Wednesday 26 October 2011 23:17:09 Joey L, vous avez écrit :
>> Hi -- new updates and questions :)
> Hi !
> This is not really a Debian discussion anymore.
> I'm not suscribed to a linux-ha/pacemaker mailing list, so we can continue
> here, but I flag it [HS] :-)
>> 1. got corosync to work  - do not know how - uninstalled heartbeat and
>> installed corosync. !!!
>> 2. I created ip_addres2 resource -- looks good i can migrate it easily
>> - but the issue is when the other node gets unplugged - it does not
>> migrate or move to the node that is up by itself - i played with the
>> settings and googled the hell out of it - no luck ? what is the magic
>> setting ?
> Perhaps you have configured an INFINITY location constraint to one node ?
>> 3. i run the mc on the other node as well - but it looks like it
>> creates another cluster ?? is there a trick to running it on another
>> node ?
> When you run the MC against the first node, you create a cluster (it's just a
> client side notion), then you add the nodes.
> The console connects then to both nodes via ssh.
> You don't need to run it again against the other node...
>> 4. i am trying to create mysql and apache in a group and making it
>> dependent on the ipaddress2 resource, is that the way to go ? or
>> create seperate resources dependent on ip_address2  ??
> If you want to be able to run MySQL and apache on different nodes, you should
> not group them.
> I'd better do :
> - an apache group containing :
>  - an IP address resource
>  - an apache resource
> - a MySQL group containing :
>  - an IP address resource
>  - either a filesystem resource on DRBD or a Mysql resource in master/slave
> mode (cannot be in group)
>  - a mysql resource (if not in master/slave mode)
> ...
> After that, you can apply some location constraints to groups to balance the
> load accross the nodes.
>> 5. I turned off STONITH - because i do not have any devices that
>> support it - do i have to turn off fencing options as well?
> Yes fencing without a stonith device is not really possible. Perhaps it is the
> cause of your IP resource not migrating.

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