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Re: Cannot login to GNOME after sid update

On 18/10/11 04:26 AM, Miles Bader wrote:
Frank<debianlist@videotron.ca>  writes:
Another update came through later....about 8 new packages and now at
least the desktop loads. Half the stuff is still missing. We'll see what
happens in the days ahead.  I rarely use Gnome anyway. But now I am

My main complaint is various settings seem to now be ignored...
(e.g., fonts are different, my display background is the default, not
what I set, etc).

Dunno if this is a bug with the current debian state of things, or a
general problem with gnome3.  Downgrading everything to gnome2 seems
to fix the problems tho.

I would say it's the current state - it's really rough around the edges and it will probably take some time before everything settles down.


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