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Re: 100% used / file system. Help!

On 9/22/2011 6:09 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
Stan Hoeppner wrote:
Lisi wrote:
Tux:/home/lisi# du -s -h /var/log
320M    /var/log

This needs to be addressed.  I'd say something's wrong if you have
320MB of log files on a workstation.

What?  My desktop has 388M of files in /var/log from just random noise
from using it as a desktop.  That amount doesn't seem unusual to me
nor does it stand out.

Interesting. As I've stated in the past I don't use GUI/desktop Linux, only headless servers. What log files are eating 388MB on your GUI desktop?

Years ago when I did use desktop Linux for a while, there was a network manager bug in an RC of SLES10 that ate log space like Cookie Monster in the Nabisco factory. Are normal non-buggy processes eating all that space?


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