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Re: 100% used / file system. Help!

On Wednesday 21 September 2011 14:54:03 Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> On Qua, 21 Set 2011, Lisi wrote:
> > So now things are working again, but I would still like to know what went
> > wrong, 

> > ****and shall work through all the suggestions until either I solve 
> > what went wrong or I run out of things to try.****
> We cannot guess, not with only the vague information you've given us.
> Some likely culprits (/var/log) have been noted, but only you can
> confirm that.
> Several ways of discovering big files and directories have been given.
> Run them, and investigate the ones taking up more space.

As you can see (stars above), I have already stated my intention of doing 
exactly that.  Noone is asking you to guess, and I have noted the suggestions 
and already tried 4.  1 needs retrying now I have got a functional / again.  
The others willl all be tried in turn.

And I have taken in that /var/log is a likely culprit.  I tried to look at it 
earlier from the safety of a live CD, but could not succeed because of the UK 
keyboard problem (also now solved).


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