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Re: sound stopped and now working. what happened?

Hello Mitchell!
You still have ALSA. I don't know, when you last looked through your kernel modules, but I never had a module named ALSA. The snd and soundcore modules are what you need.
  When you say speaker-test, of which speaker-test are we talking?
To me the whole problem looks to be a KDE one. If I remember correctly, KDE uses PulseAudio, which has noted to be a problem at times. Well amongst musicians at least. :-) Me only once having used a GUI before and now just restarting, but with GNOME, I could't tell you about the exact nature of problems you can expect. I'm not even sure if PulseAudio is capable of blocking an ALSA device in a normal system. (you might circumvent such things in any case with .asoundrc files, but that a totally different pocket full of rats). Still I hope, that all this might go somewhat towards explaining your problem or at least getting some light into the darkness.
  Kind regards

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