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Re: debian 6 mp3 not sounding

On Tue, 13 Sep 2011 18:29:22 +0200, Johan Scheepers wrote:

> On 13/09/2011 17:00, Camaleón wrote:


>>> Seem to be no coomunication between debian software and  pc hardware
>> Mmm... you need to run more tests before reaching a conclusion.
>> Greetings,
> While I did some google it was found that I was not the only one.

Many people can experience problems with sound but one thing is having no 
sound at all (system wide) and another one is having a specific issue 
with a determinted sound media files (like mp3). Both are different 
problems that need to be addressed by different ways.
> By accident I found the problem.Funny on the icon speaker volume is full
> blast
> Click on desktop speaker icon and then volume control. Popup -  speaker
> is muted move indicator up and yes music. 

You see how important is to define the source of the problem? :-)

Glad it is working now.



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