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Re: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you

Walter Hurry wrote:
> Bob,
> This is all sensible advice, but it does not sound to me as though OP is 
> handling his own email; the address concerned is debianlist@videotron.ca 
> - videotron.ca appears to be an ISP/email provider, and I have a hunch 
> that the address is one of OP's own with that provider.

If the OP is using his ISP email then he is at the mercy of their
policies.  That is just the way that it is.  But most ISPs don't
bounce spam because of the backscatter problem.  Not to mention false
positives.  Instead they usually file it into a junk folder for later
perusal and discard.  On this debian-user list a high percentage of
people are doing their own technical support.  It is possible that the
OP is simply forwarding email through that address and off to his own
server.  Or many other possibilities.  Hard to know.  That is why I
was saying "if this" and "if that".

In the end the best answer was to read the posted FAQ url
documentation and get the straight answer from there.


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