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Re: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you

On 07/09/11 04:45 PM, Debian Listmaster Team wrote:
Dear subscriber,

We've encountered some problems while sending listmail to your
emailaddress debianlist@videotron.ca.

In the last seven days we've seen bounces for the following list:
* debian-user
	1 bounce out of 55 mails in one day (1%, kick-score is 80%)

(The link above points to a copy of the latest bounce
and will be valid for seven days.)

If the bounce-rate passes the kick-score, our bounce-detection will forcibly
remove your subscription.

Bounces happen from time to time when spam slips through our filters but are
rejected by your mail provider.  If you are your own mail provider and use
'Before-Queue Content filtering', you should whitelist liszt.debian.org from
Content filtering.

However: You can safely ignore this message (and you will not be unsubscribed
:-) ) if your kick-score remains low.

For more information see http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ListMaster/FAQ

You are welcome to contact listmaster@lists.debian.org if you think this
message was sent in error.

The Listmaster Team

Does anyone know what this is all about ? Never seen anything like this before.


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