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Re: lists.debian.org has received bounces from you

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Debian Listmaster Team wrote:
> > For more information see http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ListMaster/FAQ
> > ...
> Does anyone know what this is all about ?  Never seen anything like
> this before.

See the FAQ that was quoted for a full description.  The most likely
reason is that your system is bouncing email that came through the
mailing list.  That is most likely.  Especially since there has been a
number of spam messages slip through the mailing list filters
recently.  If your system has been bouncing those back to the list
then it would account for your kick-score being above threshold for a
notice.  The notice is sent to you so that you will know that your
system is doing this.

Normally mailing list software keeps track of user email bounces.  A
few isn't a big deal.  Misconfigurations happen.  But too many and it
will need to unsubscribe you.  Otherwise the lists would be clogged
with zillions of dead addresses.  The mailing list management software
must clean those as needed.  For example if you disappear from the
world then your email will bounce and after too many bounces the
address will be removed from the list.  If it reappears again later
you would need to subscribe again.

If you are handling your own email and spam filtering then the best
thing is not to spam filter and then bounce mailing list email.  Okay
to spam filter and then either discard or file into a junk folder.
But bouncing messages that you have subscribed to is the main problem
with the above.

And before anyone complains about spam through the mailing list let me
say that the Listmaster Team does an outstanding job of keeping spam
off of the mailing lists.  The relative amount of spam is very, very
low.  But with the high volume of email to be processed some small
number in absolute terms will slip by because people are so clever at
abusing the system.  It is hard for even very clever good people to
stop other very clever people from being bad.


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