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Re: how to keep the internet awak

On Wed, 07 Sep 2011 22:59:02 +0800, lina wrote:

>>> but seems the problem has been solved after trying the ssh -o
>>> TPKkeepAlive=yes
>> Ah, so it finally was a "timeout" problem? Good.
> seems not a "timeout" issue.
> Sorry I got a pretty tense day. Right now I dearly wished the problem
> was solved.
> but seems not that case.

Don't worry X-)
> In the connection like ssh pineapple
> [username@pineapple ~]$
> The icon still shinning there, but I can't input anything, no matter ls
> or exit, Ctrl-c
> or something like "$ Write failed: Broken pipe" when I ssh by another
> terminal, I checked the connection is still there,
> but the IP is different. Even ssh from the same desktop.
> $ who | grep lina
>  early time (
>  right now (
>  the earlier one was the testing of hibernation and suspend.
> I guess it might due to the suspend, the IP of my laptop has changed. so
> something happened.

Are you using dhcp? If yes, this can be the cause of the IP change, just 
use static IP addressing or connect to the machine by using its hostname.



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