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Re: [OT]: viewable/ printable scheduler/ calendar

On 09/06/2011 12:31 PM, AG wrote:
On 06/09/11 17:04, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
On 09/06/2011 11:16 AM, AG wrote:
On 05/09/11 17:04, Hendrik Boom wrote:
On Mon, 05 Sep 2011 10:39:44 +0100, AG wrote:

Hi list

I am looking for a calendar/ scheduler that will have the following

(i) allow day/ week/ month views and printing

(ii) will give reminders for upcoming scheduled events

(iii) is /not/ tied to a larger program (e.g. Evolution)

(iv) will minimise to the task area/ system tray in either Gnome or

Currently, I am using Orage which is pretty good for reminders and
to use. However, I have not (yet) found a way of either viewing or
printing out forthcoming appointments in day/ week/ month view.

Any recommendations from others on this list about an application that
will meet my four criteria?

Thanks in anticipation.

I use GPE Calendar. It runs on my Nokia N800, and seems to have the
properties you want. Not sure how it interacts with Gnome or Xfce,

-- hendrik

Thanks Hendrik

This would be for laptop and desktop systems.

I have searched through the Debian packages and don't even see where
such applications would be listed.

Any other ideas/ recommendations?



I would consider Iceowl (or possibly Iceowl-Extension, if you use
Icedove as a mail client). I'm not certain that it can be made to meet
one of your criteria -- that it be consignable to the system
notification area -- but I use it for all of the other features you
mention. If you need to be able to synchronize calendars with those of
other people I understand that the addon called Provider for Google
Calendar can handle that function, and I think there are other
alternatives as well.



Thanks for this. I was considering Iceowl, but it was the system
notification option that swung it in favour of Osmo. Useful to know
about the synchronisation option though, and I may well revisit it one
day for those pursposes.

Thanks for the suggestion.


You're welcome. To tell you the truth, I'm taking a hard look at osmo, too. A couple of months ago I was thinking of switching from icedove to claws-mail. I love claws-mail's mail functionality, but calendar support is virtually non-existent in it (just has assignment of events to others), and its contacts book is extremely limited. If I had known about osmo at the time I would probably have used it and claws-mail as a replacement for the icedove / iceowl combination.

The only drawback for me with respect to osmo is that its ical import doesn't seem to result in editable tasks or events. I'd have to do a heck of a lot of data entry in order to switch all of my upcoming events from iceowl to editable form in osmo -- unless I'm missing something.

I hope it goes well for you! I'm going to be studying it, too.

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