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Re: Terminal Server Client

On 09/03/2011 12:52 AM, F. L. wrote:

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 3:01 AM, Gilbert Sullivan <whirlygig@comcast.net
<mailto:whirlygig@comcast.net>> wrote:

    Sorry I'm just jumping into the middle without having read much of
    the thread. The rdesktop package stopped working for me a long time
    ago. I've been using remmina ever since. Is that available to you? I
    manage a moderate number of WS2003 and WS2008 systems from Debian
    testing using remmina.

Thanks. I try the remmina now, it works.

meanwhile, the rdesktop does also work, no matter use hostname or ip

The reason I went spelunking in the aptitude package manager to find a replacement for rdesktop was that I started having very inconsistent results with it (more than a year ago, I think).

    Forgive me for the interjection if it's inappropriate or ill-timed.

It's fine.  It's not some courtesy course. I am kind of becoming
clumsier reading this.


I was apologizing because I was afraid it was rude of me to suggest replacing rdesktop with another package. Sometimes it's kind of annoying when folks on a list are trying to resolve an issue with a given package and fanboys of other packages keep on popping up with "Why don't you try so-and-so?" suggestions. Sometimes the initiator of a question about a package has a very good reason for wanting to use that specific package, so suggestions about switching to something else aren't necessarily welcome.

The only reason I suggested remmina was that -- when I did the research, which was quite a number of months ago -- I read that rdesktop was no longer in active development, and would not be updated to work with RDP 6.1. I have not done research to find out whether or not this is still the case. Sometimes discarded or orphaned packages start being actively developed again.

All that being said, I think that remmina -- despite a few rough edges, including an occasional spontaneous session drop -- has a lot of very nicely considered features.

I hope it will serve you well, if you should decide to replace rdesktop with it.

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