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Re: Terminal Server Client

What is the Windoof? (==Windows?)

I can't touch the remote windows server,
I even don't know which room it stays.
only provided by the right to access and the hostname.
I contacted the administrator today and being informed the following information:
"There is nothing wrong with Server. I’ve just checked. I presume you are using the rdesktop?
The rDesktop application  you are using is somehow unable to use the latest RDP protocol 6 and is recommended for best experience and hence it failed. MS has done quite a bit of changes to the protocol and the client application has not caught up for linux.

Actually it worked on and off, so I don't think it's the protocol issue. Sometimes if I was lucky I could connect, sometimes not.

There's no reported bugs of that nature for grdesktop.

Possible causes:-
;Problem with the Windoof machine (firewall settings, permissions, rdp session invite expired, ip address)
;Problem with resolving the Windoof hostname to an IP address
;Problem with the rdesktop or grdesktop packages

Check the Windoof machine if you can - if access was via an "invite", generate a fresh invite, if possible reboot Windoof.

If you don't know the Windoof machine IP address try using ping (as root in a terminal window) to convert the Windoof hostname into a ip address)

I got the same IP address not matter as root or user during ping hostname.

Try connecting with grdesktop using the ip address instead of the hostname. If the Windoof machine is not on the same sub-net this won't necessarily work.

It has the same problem when used the IP address. 
There is also some other distracting warnings here I did not post before,
such as:
WARNING: initializing sound-support failed!
WARNING: Remote desktop does not support colour depth 24; falling back to 16
NOT IMPLEMENTED: system pointer message0x7f00
WARNING: server sent an unexpectedly long string, truncating
WARNING: rdp_in_unistr: iconv fail, errno 84

Please ignore those warnings, cause I donot need sound and colour depth and else.

Post your results - if you are still having problems we can use rdesktop to pinpoint the problem.
Also (I should have asked earlier) is the Windoof machine on the same sub-net?
I guess so, probably on the same sub-net. but I don't know how to check.
If it's not - is it behind a stand-alone firewall/router?
I am not so sure.
Are you enabling encryption?

Hope you're not in a hurry (other's can assist) - I'll be back in the morning.


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