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Re: Terminal Server Client

On 02/09/11 21:43, firstname lastname wrote:

During the trial of connecting to the remote (Windows) desktop.

I used the terminal server client,

Please note: I have succeed in connecting many times before (no need
question about the setting and the Windows other side work functionally).

Just sometimes it failed to connect and showed me:�

ERROR: Channel_register
ERROR: getaddrinfo name or service not known

I googled, seems something concerns the avahi,
it suggested to try:

$ service avahi-daemon stop
bash: service: command not found

I don't know how to proceed further,



Depending on the choices you made during install become root (su or sudo) service won't run as a general user - it's just a short way of accessing /etc/init.d/whatever action

# service avahi-daemon stop

Are you in fact running Debian? (you quote Ubuntu in one of the other posts you made on this problem)

Additionally I'd suggest you refer to posts more recent than 2005 when trying to solve problems ;-p

Please provide more information - which Debian are you running, what tool are you using for an RDP connection.


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