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Re: Terminal Server Client

On 02/09/11 22:42, F. L. wrote:

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:30 PM, Scott Ferguson
<mailto:prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>> wrote:

On 02/09/11 21:43, firstname lastname wrote:


During the trial of connecting to the remote (Windows) desktop.

I used the terminal server client,

Please note: I have succeed in connecting many times before (no need
question about the setting and the Windows other side work

Weeell, I like to rule things out, 1x1 (just like isolation testing) ;-p

Just sometimes it failed to connect and showed me:�

ERROR: Channel_register ERROR: getaddrinfo name or service not known

I googled, seems something concerns the avahi, it suggested to try:

$ service avahi-daemon stop bash: service: command not found

I don't know how to proceed further,



Depending on the choices you made during install become root (su or
sudo) service won't run as a general user - it's just a short way of
accessing /etc/init.d/whatever action

# service avahi-daemon stop

In one of your other posts you asked what avahi is - it does zeroconf and is made from wooly lemurs:-

If you are using hostname to RDP it may be an issue that has symptoms like you describe - in which case using the IP address (or adding the hostname and IP address to /etc/hosts) should remove the problem

Are you in fact running Debian? (you quote Ubuntu in one of the other
posts you made on this problem)

I am running debian wheezy.

Thanks - I'm assuming that's grdesktop (a Gnome RDP gui), which uses rdesktop (the CLI rdp client). I don't have any experience with grdesktop so bear with me.

( Sorry, I mis-thought the Ubuntu was derived from debian.)

It is. Derived being the keyword. People here will help with Ubuntu
problems - but the problems may not be in Debian. No matter in this case.


There's no reported bugs of that nature for grdesktop.

Possible causes:-
;Problem with the Windoof machine (firewall settings, permissions, rdp session invite expired, ip address)
;Problem with resolving the Windoof hostname to an IP address
;Problem with the rdesktop or grdesktop packages

Check the Windoof machine if you can - if access was via an "invite", generate a fresh invite, if possible reboot Windoof.

If you don't know the Windoof machine IP address try using ping (as root in a terminal window) to convert the Windoof hostname into a ip address)

Try connecting with grdesktop using the ip address instead of the hostname. If the Windoof machine is not on the same sub-net this won't necessarily work.

Post your results - if you are still having problems we can use rdesktop to pinpoint the problem. Also (I should have asked earlier) is the Windoof machine on the same sub-net?
If it's not - is it behind a stand-alone firewall/router?
Are you enabling encryption?

Hope you're not in a hurry (other's can assist) - I'll be back in the morning.


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