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Re: USB-Printer prints RAW PCL6-Code

On Fri, 02 Sep 2011 23:59:47 +0200, Martin Lorenz wrote:

>>> strange but probably true
>>> I changed to gutenprint and printed several jobs in a row
>> must be something else.
>> now that I watched the issue for several days I come to the conclusion,
>> that it must be something with the USB stack.
>> The printer gives me one good printout whenever it is switched on or
>> unplugged from USB and replugged.
>> All subsequent printouts are garbage. The type of garbage depends on
>> the driver (tried several  PCL drivers)
>> tried it on different computers - same result. common to those
>> computers is: they run kernel 3.0.0-1-amd64
> additional information:
> I tried to print from a WinXP running inside a VirtualBox on one of my
> machines by forwarding the USB-device to the virtual machine. works
> perfectly ...

Hum... it's weird that a problem with the USB stack allows windows to 
print from the VM client because it finally ends at the same point.

I would review CUPS logs, just in case (/var/log/cups/*) and also try 
with Samsug's linux unified drivers:


If none helps, I would open a bug report. If it worked fine with kernel 
2.6.39 (and same drivers) that can be something where to start looking at.



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