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Re: Terminal Server Client

On 02/09/11 23:57, F. L. wrote:
What is the Windoof? (==Windows?)

The Microsoft product some people refer to as Windows (which is a GUI element, not a product).

I can't touch the remote windows server,
I even don't know which room it stays.
only provided by the right to access and the hostname.
I contacted the administrator today and being informed the following
"There is nothing wrong with Server. I�ve just checked. I presume you
are using the rdesktop?
The rDesktop application� you are using is somehow unable to use the
latest RDP protocol 6 and is recommended for best experience and hence
it failed. MS has done quite a bit of changes to the protocol and the
client application has not caught up for linux.

That appears to be the case, sort of [*1] - though I don't know which MS product you are trying to connect to.
I believe the admin is referring to NLA in RDP 6.1, and console connections.

Actually it worked on and off, so I don't think it's the protocol issue.
Sometimes if I was lucky I could connect, sometimes not.

Could be many issues, some not related to either OS. I didn't list all possible problems.


I got the same IP address not matter as root or user during ping hostname.

That's standard with Debian. I don't know how your machine is configured so I allowed for a locked-down build (I'm guessing your asking about some sort of academic environment)

scott@work:~$ ls -alL /bin/ping
-rwx------ 1 root root 31360 Oct 14  2010 /bin/ping
(ditto for fping and netstat)


WARNING: initializing sound-support failed!
WARNING: Remote desktop does not support colour depth 24; falling back to 16
NOT IMPLEMENTED: system pointer message0x7f00
WARNING: server sent an unexpectedly long string, truncating
WARNING: rdp_in_unistr: iconv fail, errno 84

Please ignore those warnings, cause I donot need sound and colour depth
and else.

It was good you posted it - showed you were talking to the other machine.


I noticed you'd solved your problem - just answering your questions.


[*1] from:-
"Support for the additional features available in RDP 5.1 and RDP 6 (including multi-head display spanning, window composition and console connection) have not yet been implemented, although some have been officially documented on MSDN" NOTE: (mine) I've recently connected to Windows 7 - but I wasn't using any of those features to connect.

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