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Where to get a _working_ Wheezy netinstall?

I have been trying for three days to download Wheezy from
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/ (daily builds) and each one
I have tried fails to install Grub.

I have tried:


All three have the same two problems- won't recognize my usb stick for
firmware install and won't install Grub.

I sent a message to the debian-cd@lists.debian.org list, but it didn't get
posted. Then I looked further and saw that that list as well as the
debian-boot list haven't been updated since Aug 1st.

Anyone know what's going on? Maybe everyone is gone for the summer? Anyone
know where I can get a recent working Wheezy (or even Sid) install image
for amd64?

Keith Ostertag

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