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Re: Exim4 configuration with rewriting for smarthost

On Mon, 29 Aug 2011 14:41:48 -0500, rlharris wrote:

> For a week I have been searching without success for a guide to
> configuration of Exim4 for a personal system which utilizes the
> smarthost of an isp to handle outgoing mail and a web hosting service to
> host a web site.


For that kind of setup, you basically need to instruct Exim4 to act as a 
client mailer which connects to the remote server (your ISP mail server) 
and provides the required authentication data (smtp auth) so Exim4 can be 
able to relay e-mails to remote servers through your ISP.

Kumar already gave you a guide to setup Gmail as smarthost but it should 
be the same for your ISP, even easier if it does not use SSL (smtps) for 
the outgoing connections.



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