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Re: String Manipulation and a Need for RS-232

Hugo Vanwoerkom writes:
> If I were in your situation, I would convert your C programs to C++
> (changing <prog>.c to <prog>.cpp) and use Qt. I use it many places just 
> for
> its string manipulation and Qt has great documentation.
> Just install libqt4-dev, qt4-dev-tools, qt4-qmake and qt4-doc.
> Create a <prog>.pro file for your <prog>.cpp and run 'qmake -o Makefile
> <prog>.pro' and then 'make' and away you go.

	I can see the good thing about that is that the parts
that work can stay which is a good thing. I did get the serial
communications working the way they need to for this application
and the parser that indexes data received from the radio also
works correctly so this is sort of a glass 3/4 full.

	Thank you.


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