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Re: String Manipulation and a Need for RS-232

Axel Freyn writes:
> I would give python a try, maybe together with the pySerial-module from
> http://pyserial.sourceforge.net/
> While pyserial simplifies the access to rs232 and cares about all platform
> dependence, it's not really standard I think.
> If your program shall work on all Unix systems and installing pySerial (or
> distributing it together with your code) is not an option, you can open 
> the port
> directly in python too -- but then of course you have to care more about 
> error
> debugging e.g.

	Thank you. I looked briefly at python some time ago for
something else and liked what I saw so I will give it another
try for this project. The serial communications are not terribly
complex, but they are at 57600 baud or more so all the low-level
timing has to work or one gets absolutely nothing but garbage
and flaky performance.

	Again, thanks for your response.

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