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Re: Running a script on monitor connect/disconnect

On Tue, 23 Aug 2011 12:57:06 +0200, Ralf Jung wrote:

>> And who needs xrandr if you can have the layout you want in a
>> straightforward way by directly editing the xorg.conf file or by using
>> nvidia-settings tool? (we are now in a loop ;-P)

> Editing xorg.conf requires an X-server restart after each setup change,
> which is ridiculous. 

Why ridiculous? :-? 

Xorg is running and you need it to re-read the configuration file again 
like any other service :-)

> In the end, I do not care which means a tool uses to set up the
> screens, whether it's xrandr or that nvidia-specific way.
> I just want it to work, without the need to restart anything. And for
> everything except for NVidia cards, xrandr is the way to go ;-)

Xrandr also works with nvidia, but anyway, better that one or another 
tool is having different options to get the job done. 
>> Uh? That's strange. Maybe you had a problem for getting the radeon 3D
>> acceleration features enabled... did you review this list of supported
>> games/cards on wine/native environment?

> I just tried again. Neverball is now working fine, however from the
> three Windows games I tried, only one started, the others showed no
> useful content on screen. So, I have to stick with the closed-source
> driver for now :(

Maybe you can find the origin of the problem by reading the xorg log.
> The driver is not the issue though, xrandr works the way it is supposed
> to, as far as I can tell. I just want to take some action when a monitor
> is connected, which xrandr does detect, it just does not tell me. That's
> all :D

I already gave you some hints... krandtray is one option (GUI based) and 
you can always make your own script to run a set of xrandr commands with 
just one-click.



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